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This is the scarce self-published first edition of Rae's third book, not the more common Davenports edition. It is all about manipulation with pocket watches, particularly the gimmicked and nesting king that had only just been introduced into Britain when this was written. Aptly, it contains Hamleys adverts for these watches on the front inside cover. A facinating book from a different era.


Condition: Fair, covers have faded with creases, marks, and a 3cm tear to front cover. Dennelson stamp to front cover, internal pages are in good condition with creases and some yellowing to page edges.


Binding: Booklet

Year:  c.1927 (1st)

Publisher: Oswald Rae

Pages: 12

Dimensions (to nearest cm): 22 X 14cm

Wizardry With Watches - Oswald Rae

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