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The life, legacy, and most cherished secrets of one of magic's most iconic performers and creators has been captured in a magnificent three-book set.

Wayne Dobson is one of the finest magicians to come out of the UK. He is a legend often mentioned in the same breath as other famous conjurors like Chan Canasta, Al Koran, David Berglas, David Nixon, Tommy Cooper, and Paul Daniels. Wayne has headlined everywhere from the most renowned UK venues to the Las Vegas Strip. Undoubtedly though, he is most famous for his three massively successful TV shows, most notably *Wayne Dobson - A Kind Of Magic*-which regularly welcomed 11 million viewers during its peak in the 90s.

"Wayne is a master, both of magic and of being loved by those who watch him." - Derren Brown

Even as Wayne continues to battle the struggles of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), his mind remains consumed by his greatest passion-magic. Which is why he teamed up with co-author and close confidant Bob Gill, who tirelessly spent five years interviewing Wayne and workshopping the material. The result is a tremendous three-book collection of beautiful hardcover books.

This project actually began as just a memoir. However, during the research phase, a lost collection of more than 150+ routines and ideas was discovered. Originally intended for a fourth television show, much of these plans were scrapped once Wayne was diagnosed with MS.

However, finding this treasure trove of thoughts motivated Wayne to revisit all his old work.

The result was not just one, but two more complete books of strong, working material for everything from close-up to stage and even TV. Wayne had one simple mantra when choosing material: if he wouldn't use it on screen today, it didn't make the cut.

Wayne Dobson's Legacy does a tremendous job of capturing both the spirit of the tricks and man behind them. These expansive texts total more than 1,000 pages across three stunning books that nestle perfectly in the phenomenal custom slipcase.

Volume I - Memoirs

Before learning Wayne's best material in the second two books, you'll get to meet the man behind the magic. This inspirational story of survival and persistence is filled with invaluable wisdom for any performer.

This is not a dry biography, but rather a captivating tale that shares both the highs and lows of Wayne's tremendous career. Even during the darkest moments of his life, Wayne never let himself spiral out of control. You'll experience firsthand how magic and humour were his greatest weapons against adversity.

Volume II - A Kind of Magic

Featuring a foreword from David Williamson, this volume is an exclusive look at the inner-workings of Wayne's most popular routines. The amazing, original effects that propelled him to international stardom.

Learn the close-up showstoppers from his TV specials like "Coins to Glass" and his memorable "Homing Death Card" routine. You'll also get to see his one-of-a-kind approach to reimagining classic stage illusions like his take on the "Million Dollar Mystery" and his super popular "Tossed Deck Pro." No detail is spared as Wayne dives into the nuances and subtleties that make these effects so powerful, like how he wins over crowds with his go-to opening routine. For the first time ever, Wayne also shares the script to his infamous "Voices" routines from his Royal Variety Command Performance-which is still believed to be one of the greatest magic performances ever broadcasted. You'll even get a look at how Wayne modified material to be more hands-off and better suit his limited mobility later in life.

Volume III - Dobson's Choice

This amazing third book is filled with practical material. Professional-quality routines that have been refined in front of real audiences and are ready to get put right into your set.

This includes some of his most commercial effects like "3Sixty" and "Lucky Dip". The latter not only completely fooled Derren Brown (who wrote the foreword for this volume) but, to this day, is still one of the iconic mentalists' go-to effects for casual situations.

If you're a stand-up or stage worker, you'll love Wayne's unique approach to the Magic Square known as "Total Recall". Another highlight is his hilarious, entertaining and impossible 10-minute prediction routine "Shopping List" that ends with a surprising wine bottle production.

As if all this wasn't enough, Wayne has even included detailed instructions for creating props that have been unavailable or difficult to purchase for many years.

"Wayne has the ability to dissect the essence of a gag, premise, trick, or joke and get right to the heart of it, quickly, for maximum effect with minimal means; no artful pretensions, or long-winded preambles. It's as if he has decoded human perception and has found the shortest route to funny and fooling." - David Williamson


Condition: New


Binding: Hardback

Year: 2023

Publisher: Vanishing Inc.

Pages: 1019

Dimensions (to nearest cm): 24 X 16cm

Wayne Dobson's Legacy - Wayne Dobson and Bob Gill

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