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Visual Alchemy: The Magic Life Of Jeff Sheridan pays tribute to the enduring genius of Jeff Sheridan, the father of modern street magic.

Featuring rarely-seen photographs of Sheridan performing on New York City streets from 1976 to 1989 by Jim R. Moore, the book includes 15 essays from fellow magicians and street performers, along with an introduction by Lance Burton.

A book for anyone interested in magic or New York City street life, Visual Alchemy: The Magic Life Of Jeff Sheridan offers readers an insider's perspective of a legendary performer during a transformative era in New York.

"To say that Jeff is a creative genius is putting it mildly." - George Robinson, from his essay "Jeff Sheridan, Friend, Confident, Creative Genius." Viking Mfg. Co.

"His way of looking at the world, and magic, has been that radically influenced by the fact that his other great love is art..." - Richard Kaufman: Scenes from a Hidden Life

"Jeff Sheridan is the real wizard" - Cardone from his essay "On Jeff Sheridan"


Condition: New


Binding: Hardback

Year: 2023

Publisher: Vaudevisuals Press

Pages: 115

Dimensions (to nearest cm): 22 X 22cm

Visual Alchemy, The Magic Life of Jeff Sheridan - Jim R. Moore et al.

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