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Publisher's description:

Virtual Foolery by GeMiNi: The Greater Magic Network Columnists.


Virtual Foolery is a 32-page booklet compiled by Jon Racherbaumer and T.A. Waters. It’s chockfull of lighthearted, easy to read and absorb magical effects. It’s a brilliant collection of assorted creative and fun to perform effects you will enjoy. Great fun has never been easier to find.


It features 16 contributors including: Ian Adair, Pete Biro, Steve Bryant, Aldo Columbini, Karrell Fox, Mark Garetz, Pat Hennesy, Roger Klause, Simon Lovell, Billy Mc Comb, Tom Mullica, Anthony Owen, Jon Racherbaumer, Mike Rogers, T.A. Waters, and Ron Wilson.


Condition: New


Binding: Paperback

Year:  1997

Publisher: Stevens Magic Emporium 

Pages: 32

Dimensions (to nearest cm): 23 X 22cm 

Virtual Foolery by GeMiNi Columnists - Jon Racherbaumer and T. A. Waters

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