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The routines explained in this book rest on the shoulders of contemporary or past magicians whose effects made Boris Wild want to create personal variations, whether in terms of method or presentation, with one goal in mind: have maximum magical impact on the audience.


Over these pages, you will discover new original variations on some of the most popular themes of card magic: incredible divinations, spectacular revelations, visual colour changes, impossible effects of Any Card At Any Number...This book, accessible to everyone and illustrated with nearly eighty photos, has been designed so that you can learn each phase as clearly as possible and thus easily master all of the routines described in detail by Boris. Also, most of these routines only require an ordinary deck that you can even borrow.


Finally, after each explanation, you will find extra variations that will allow you to take the routines even further and personalize them even more through ideas, techniques and presentations that you can adapt to your style.


Boris Wild's Variations will both fool and amaze you and your audience!




Zoom 9: A routine with a borrowed deck that can be performed live or on Zoom where the magician manages to find a chosen card without ever touching the cards and with his back turned until the final revelation.

ARCAAN: An original Any Card At Any Number routine where the magician shows several unsuccessful methods of finding a freely named card until the last one where he manages to invisibly turn the chosen card over in the deck to a position that is also freely chosen.

Any Ambitious Card At Any Number: A freely chosen card is clearly lost towards the end of the deck. The spectator names a number that is freely chosen too. The magician then makes the chosen card rise not to the top of the deck but in the position corresponding to the chosen number and it is the spectator herself who counts the cards to it.

Predicolor: After showing an opaque envelope containing a prediction card, the magician shows a red deck and asks a spectator to name a number. Without any suspicious move, he counts the cards face up to the chosen number and then takes the prediction card out of the envelope. After a gag where the audience thinks the prediction card is not really one, the magician shows that its red back matches the one of the spectator's card and it is the only one because the backs of the 51 other cards of the deck have all different designs and colours.

InvisiQuiz: A freely chosen card from a borrowed deck is unquestionably lost. The magician asks the spectator several questions, some serious and others more unusual or even goofy, and spells out the answers, each time isolating the last card dealt. Although he has not seen them, the magician is convinced that the chosen card is one of those put aside. He invisibly removes the chosen card from the small packet and shows it is missing. He hands it to the spectator who then throws it invisibly back to the packet to make it reappear reversed among the others.

Impossible Double Divination: Two spectators each freely look at one card in the deck while the magician has his back turned. The cards are then shuffled several times and, despite these extreme conditions, the magician still manages to guess the two chosen cards.

Colour Changing Chicago: A spectator names a card at random in a red deck spread face up. Without the slightest suspicious move, the magician turns the deck over and shows there is one and only one blue-backed card in the spread. He turns this card over in the clearest possible way: it is the named card. An indifferent card from the deck changes places with the spectator's card, thus becoming a blue-backed card while spectator's card becomes red again. Finally, the indifferent card becomes red again too and then the whole deck momentarily turns blue before getting back to red again like it was at the beginning.

Technique: The "Cull"



Condition: New


Binding: Paperback

Year: 2021

Publisher: BW Magic Publishing

Pages: 72

Dimensions (to nearest cm): 22 X 14cm

Variations - Boris Wild

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