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“Mark Elsdon is my secret weapon. Well, he was until I told you about him. He's the first, and usually only, person I turn to when I get stuck. Why? Because he constantly finds unique and practical solutions to creating astonishing magic. The man's brain is a goldmine of quality ideas and material.” – Colin McLeod

“Mark Elsdon is equally adept at inventing, performing, creating, and theorizing about magic. He consults for television, lectures, and performs, all with equal proficiency. And, he's one of my favorite guys to watch.” – Joshua Jay

“Mark Elsdon is on a very short list of magic and mentalism's most creative innovators. When Mark let's me in on what he's working on, I'm ALWAYS fooled badly and find something to add to my own work.” – Bill Abbott

Mark Elsdon gives us a peek into his vision of mentalism through a unique and eye-opening reading experience.

This book comprises all of Mark’s secrets since 2010. Throughout the 55 chapters herein, you will discover all the thoughts Mark has collected since he converted to mentalism: how to develop a persona, how to become a memorable mentalist, how to choose the appropriate material, how to act in any situation...

Believe us when we tell you that reading this book will change you forever! Whether you are a beginner or experienced mind reader, Unlock is for you! It will open doors that are yet to be explored and reveal the expert mind reader that is deep down inside you!

In Unlock, you will find outstanding effects such as:

• Quiz Master: A mental effect that uses a stack of cards from the famous board game Trivial Pursuit.
• Memorisation: One of Mark’s signature routines when it comes to sensational memory feats.
• Antique Roadshow: Which gives you the ability to predict the price of any object.

In addition, Mark has published for the very first time his effect titled Decibel Vision, in which your psychic friend can reveal a thought-of card over the phone. Everything is COMPLETELY hands-off. The performer plays NO part in selecting a card. The performer plays NO part in dialling the number or talking to the psychic at ANY time. Genuinely, the performer is NEVER in contact with the psychic, before, during or after the performance. In a nutshell, this effect alone is worth the price of the book.

Unlock is jam-packed with secrets as well as contributions! Mark has called upon the most creative minds in magic and mentalism in order to create a sensational publication. You will find contributions by: Michael Weber, Chris Carter, Lee Earle, Sean Taylor, Chuck Hickok, Ran Pink, Drew McAdam, Jasper Blakeley, Thom Bleasdale, Scott Grossberg, Luke Jermay (whose Balloon-Ology concept is devilishly clever), Ken Dyne, Stuart Nolan, Richard P. Slater, Atlas Brookings, Bill Abbott, Paul Brook, Roddy McGhie, Tom Bennett and Jeff McBride.

In addition to all the teachings contained within the 416 pages of this beautiful hardback book, Unlock hides a secret... a puzzle you must solve in order to win a wonderful prize! Good luck to you all!

Mark Elsdon is a diabolical inventor of great magic, and has consulted for all of the big names in our industry. Mark Elsdon has been performing magic and mentalism professionally for over 25 years. He has authored dozen books and many more single-release tricks. He focuses his creativity on devising powerful and memorable material.


Condition: New


Binding: Hardback

Year: 2023

Publisher: Three Monkeys Publishing

Pages: 467

Dimensions (to nearest cm): 24 X 17cm

Unlock - Mark Elsdon

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