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Publisher's description:


In Simon Aronson's book, he invites you to Try The Impossible.


A spectator freely names any card. A second spectator freely touches any card - and it matches the named card! The performer never even looks through the deck! Control two freely selected and replaced cards to virtually any two positions you desire - without any sleight-of-hand!


Imagine dealing five strong poker hands, each better than the previous one, with the dealer receiving a Royal Flush in spades - and being able to instantly repeat it again and again with no resetting!


Two freely selected cards magically appear at two freely named numbers!


The deck itself correctly reads a spectator's mind, four times, to reveal her selected card - and discovers the matching four-of-a-kind as well!


One spectator freely chooses and pockets two cards, whose identities remain unknown. From a second, shuffled deck another spectator freely touches two cards - and both cards match the first chosen pair!


Aces assemble one-at-a-time, and then all appear under the spectator's hand-with no extra cards and no palming!


Predict the exact location of two freely cut and replaced cards! Try The Impossible also contains an all-new, in-depth look at the Aronson Stack, with over 25 new effects that don`t require memorization of the stack and leave the entire deck intact!


And there's so much more..mind-boggling locations, spelling effects, a gambling scam, the Head Over Heels move, the UnDo Influence control and even a rap Ace production! Extensive comments offer variations, theories, presentations, lead-in and follow-up routines and in-depth insights that will keep you thinking.


Try The Impossible presents a wealth of new, baffling and entertaining card magic that doesn't depend on difficult sleight-of-hand.


Condition: Very good, a few knocks to spine and dust jacket.


Binding: Hardback

Year: 2001

Publisher: Simon Aronson

Pages: 287

Dimensions (to nearest cm): 29 X 21cm

Try the Impossible - Simon Aronson

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