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Fresh And Practical!

1999 recipient of the Psychic Entertainers Association award for creativity, and with over fifty years of professional performance behind him, Barrie Richardson has gathered together 53 of his best mental routines, many with complete presentations, for this large volume of baffling experiences.

In Theatre of the Mind, you will find page after page, of fresh, practical material, tested and perfected before thousands of audiences; astonishing feats that use only ordinary items, and few of them, entertaining mental experiments that involve the whole audience, that pack small and play big, and that exploit a devilish combination of simplicity and cleverness.

What you will discover in Theatre Of The Mind is a wealth of professional material at a pauper's price. 


Condition: New


Binding: Hardback

Year: 2021

Publisher: Hermetic Press

Pages: 304

Dimensions (to nearest cm): 26 X 18cm

Theater of the Mind - Barrie Richardson

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