This is a set of eleven issues from Volume 2, running from April 1948 to March 1949 (missing No. 17, August 1948). Rare magazines from George Armstrong's Magic Wand Office. Filled with adverts for apparatus, tricks and articles. These issues feature Harold Taylor, Eddie Joseph, Paula Baird, Frank Baumforth, Frederick Barlow, George Sylvestre, John Ramsay, Carl Ramon, Stanley Collins, Tom and Eileen Harris and The Great Nixon. 


Condition: Good/fair overall.  Issues have a few marks to the covers, slightly worn spines and general wear and tear, rusted staples typical for age. Last three issues in the volume have covers split along the spine and detached but all present.


Year:  1948-49

Publisher: The Magic Wand Publishing Co.

Pages: 175 (Approx) 

Dimensions: 21 X 14cm

The Wizard, 11 issues from Vol. 2 , 1948-49 - George Armstrong


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