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This special-value collection of three books describes the cons and gimmicks behind the infamous three card monte and three shell game. Of interest to magicians and those interested in the history of gambling cons and sleight-of-hand on the murkier fringes of magic.


The set includes:

John Scarne Explains Why You Can't Win by Audley V. Walsh

Find The Ace! by Leo Behnke

The Three Shell Game by Ralph W. Read


The books in this set are also available individually. 


Condition: New original copies from 1975-2020, some fading to the very edge of the spine on The Three Shell Game.


Binding: Booklet

Year:  1975-2020

Publisher: Lee Grey, D. Robbins and Co. and Magic City

Pages: 160

Dimensions: Approx 22 X 13cm 

The Swindler's Set - Leo Behnke, Ralph W. Read and Audley V. Walsh

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