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Walter Scott was an underground sensation in the world of card magic performing and creating sleights far ahead of his contemporaries. In the early 1930s a typescript describing some of his techniques began being circulated by Edward McGuire and became sought after by the greatest sleight of hand artists of the time. This book brings together all of the effects found across the various versions of that text along with never before published explanatory photographs of Walter Scott's hands taken by Cardini. It is a high-quality colour printed production with fold-out pages and a faux-leather binding. Great for the serious card magician and those interested in the development of the art in the 1930s.


Condition: New


Binding: Softback

Year: 2020

Publisher: Conjuring Arts

Pages: 107

Dimensions (to nearest cm): 28 X 22cm

The Phantom of The Card Table (Critical Edition) - Edward G. McGuire

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