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Select from three different lots of the ambitious large-format version of The Magic Wand and Magical Review.


These are amongst the most lavish magic magazines produced, packed full of great tricks and articles. Most copies include one or two large photographic plates.


Select from:


A: Volume 42, all four issues, numbers 237-240 (March to December 1953).


B: Volume 43, all four issues, numbers 241-244 (March to December 1954).


C: Volume 44, number 245 (March 1955) and Volume 45, number 250 (June 1956). 


Condition: Good, all have some wear, a few marks and creases. A few copies have tears, particularly in lot C. 


Binding: Stapled

Year:  1953-56

Publisher: The Magic Wand Publishing Company

Pages: Varies 

Dimensions (to nearest cm): 28 X 22cm

The Magic Wand, issues from 1953-56 - George Armstrong

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