Nine issues of the gold-standard of magic magazines, The Magic Wand and Magical Review.  Issues 225, 226, 227, 229, 230, 233, 234, 235 and 236  (March, June and October 1950, March and June 1951 and March, June, October and December 1952).

These are amongst the best magic magazines of the period, packed full of great tricks and articles. 


Condition: Mostly very good with some wear and rusting to staples. Issue 229 has paper losses to the cover, issue 235 and 236 have writing to their covers.


Year:  1950-52

Publisher: The Magic Wand Publishing Company

Pages: 360 (Approx) 

Dimensions: 22 X 14cm

The Magic Wand, 9 issues, 1950-52 - George Armstrong