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These lavish magazines were produced by Goldston after he left Gamages and founded his own magic shop. They're very scarce and a great insight into the golden age of magic. The bound set contains volumes 4, 5 and 6, each consisting of 6 issues. 


Full of great magic gossip, tricks, history and interesting adverts. 


Condition: Bound set is poor, with water damage which has run and bled onto pages. Still a good copy for reading and reference. The loose copy has covers split along the spine and loose, rusting stapes and some wear and creasing. 


Year:  1916-1922

Publisher: Will Goldston Ltd.

Pages: 400 (approx)

Dimensions: 25 X 18cm

The Magazine of Magic June 1916 - November 1917 and April 1922 - Will Goldston

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