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Publisher's description:


The Madras Paper Repeat Climax is a great stand-up effect where a Six Card Repeat style effect is performed with small pieces of torn newspaper. Pieces are torn, counted, and tossed. Even though pieces are continually tossed on the floor, the number of pieces in the performer's hand always remains the same. After some time, the last piece is flicked and turns into an entire sheet of newspaper. Larger than the one the performer started with!


These copies are uncirculated stock from 1987.


N. B. These are in stock with us now, not "special order". 


Condition: New, though with rusted staples.


Binding: Oversize booklet

Year: 1987

Publisher: Supreme Magic

Pages: 8

Dimensions (to nearest cm): 26 X 20cm

The Madras Paper Repeat Climax - P. K. Ilango

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