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This is a beautifully produced facsimile reproduction of the original text, numbered limited edition of 1000.


Publisher's description:


First published in 1805, The Expositor was the first American book ever published on the art of magic. Original editions of this classic are some of the rarest books in the annals of conjuring, but with this hardbound reprint, magicians may once again let William Pinchbeck shed light on many mysteries including the invisible lady and acoustic temple, seven feats of Mr. Ranie performing in America, the art of ventriloquism including the use of a figure and miscellaneous tricks and "optical delusions."


Condition: New


Binding: Hardback

Year: 1996

Publisher: Stevens Publishing

Pages: 100

Dimensions (to nearest cm): 18 X 12cm

The Expositer - William Pinchbeck

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