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The third volume in the series includes more gems from the legendary 'Castle Notebooks' kept by Bruce Cervon, including unpublished Vernon effects in addition to contributions from some of his friends and contemporaries such as Sam Horowitz, Henry Christ, Dr. Daley, Faucett Ross, Herb Zarrow and others.

Leading off this incredible volume is a 30-page essay, 'Trouping Around in Magic with Max Holden' by William P. Miesel, Max Maven, Bruce Cervon, Stephen Minch and Dai Vernon, a historical commentary on the New York Inner Circle in the 1920s and 30s.

Sleights covered include Subway Gambler's Palm, the Contortion Palm, Flat Top Switch, the Zarrow Block Addition and A Table Pass. Effects include the legendary Joker Monte, in addition to Horowitz's Look Homeward, Angel, Tenkai's Phoenix Bill Vanish and many more. 63 routines, 210 illustrations, 32 historical photographs - 220 pages of pure Vernon.


Condition: Very good, some slight wear and marks to dust jacket. Very slight wear to boards and spine.


Binding: Hardback

Year: 1989

Publisher: L & L Publishing

Pages: 220

Dimensions (to nearest cm): 26 X 19cm

The [Dai] Vernon Chronicles Volume 3: Further Lost Inner Secrets - Stephen Minch

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