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Publisher's description:


The master, the greatest sleight of hand artist of the 20th century. Even today, no one has equaled Derek Dingle’s ingenuity. A highly-acclaimed classic with enough magic with cards and coins to build several repertoires. All of Dingle’s techniques for performing the Pass fully detailed.


Every nuance of technique, every line of patter, every ingredient that makes Derek’s magic so special is captured by Richard Kaufman, one of magic’s most innovative writers and illustrators. With over 110,000 words of text and 800 illustrations the very essence of Dingle’s magic is clearly taught as never before.


There are over 120 items with cards and coins in The Complete Works of Derek Dingle. Among them:

“Roll-Over Aces”

“Quick D-Way”

Four Handlings of The Classic Pass

“Deluxe Double Color-Changing Aces”

“Ultra Clean Slot Machine”

“Two-Fisted Deck Switch”

“World’s Fastest Card Under Glass”

“Super Floating Card”

“Copper Silver Brass”

“Post It!”


“Complete Torn and Restored Card”

“A Case of Kings”

“The Restoration Assembly,” as performed by Doug Henning on TV


Condition: New


Binding: Hardback

Year: 2023

Publisher: Kaufmann and Company

Pages: 232

Dimensions (to nearest cm): 29 X 22cm

The Complete Works of Derek Dingle - Richard Kaufman

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