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This set consists of the two-volumes-in-one book which contains all issues of Invocation and the first 36 issues of The New Invocation and the slip-cased final volume which contains the last 26 issues of The New Invocation. Volume three is the first edition limited to 400 copies. The publisher's descriptions of both books are below:


Publisher's description of volumes one and two:


This long out-of-print classic, first published thirteen years ago in two volumes in a limited edition of 300, now reappears in a single 900 page hardcover. It contains all 16 issues of Invocation and issues 1-36 of The New Invocation.

"...In case you don't already know, Invocation is not your typical magic magazine. On the contrary, it is a magazine consciously "Devoted to Weird and Bizarre Magick."...Invocation, then, stands as a reminder to magicians that there is an older magic, a deeper and perhaps even darker tradition that has quietly spread underground for centuries - banished temporarily by Robert-Houdin when he exchanged the wizard's robes for the contemporary dress of the day. This older magic stretches back in time and history far beyond the point where written records begin. ...And so Invocation gives us magic for the few and not for the many. Perhaps this is as it should be..." - From the Introduction by Eugene Burger


Publisher's description of volume three:


This third volume of Invocation and The New Invocation marks the end of an era of sorts in the short history of bizarre magick. One way of defining an era is through the actions of one or more persons who played a significant role in shaping it. The one figure that stands plainly at the head of the bizarre magick movement of the 1980’s is the editor of these pages, Masklyn ye Mage. For fifty-five bimonthly issues, in something more than nine years, ye Mage energized and influenced the field; and considering the handful of readers and contributors who make up the microcosm of bizarre magick, one can only wonder at the devotion that was shown by this man. This book contains the final 25 illustrated issues that were archived.


Condition: Volume one and two combined is very good with a few knocks and marks and minor fading to the spine. Volume three is very good with a few minor marks to the covers.

Binding: Hardback.

Year: 1986 and 1992

Publisher: Kaufman and Greenberg

Pages: 1000+

Dimensions (to nearest cm): 29 X 22cm

The Compleat Invocation, Volumes 1-3 - Tony Raven and Tony Andruzzi

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