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Publisher's Description:


Here are unique feats of magical entertainment with story lines created by a whimsical novelist and patter lines written by a successful screenwriter--Sid Fleischman, in both cases. 'By choice or by chance, you have discovered a magical gold mine,' writes Genii columnist David Avadon in his introduction. 'Savvy mystics will find career-making fancies worth far more than the price of admission.' Here in abundance is strong performance material for the comedy magician, the kid show worker, and the magic clubber starved for fresh bamboozla. Here, too, are user-friendly sleights never before in print, and brilliant new adventures with invisible thread. 'For every Merlin with the vision to turn a notion into a signature piece there is the slyest version of the trick ever,' Avadon adds. Between the covers of The Charlatan's Handbook are more than 65 works, with more than 170 drawings and photographs.


Condition: Very good, some minor knocks and a few marks, small crease to dust jacket flap.


Binding: Hardback

Year: 1993 (1st edition)

Publisher: L and L

Pages: 228

Dimensions (to nearest cm): 29 X 22cm

The Charlatan's Handbook - Sid Fleischman

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