This is the rare second edition of a book that became well known later retitled The Boy's Book of Conjuring. This book is one of the most lavishly illustrated magic books of the period. It is filled with beautiful photographs of conjuring effects and apparatus. It was published at a time when exposure was highly controversial, which is probably why the magician who wrote it remained anonymous. Though there is an essay here which explores the book's authorship. A fantastic piece of magic history.


Condition: Poor/fair, well worn with spine hinges split, pages loose with some repairs and frontispiece missing. A good candidate for rebinding or a reading copy when handled with care.


Binding: Hardback

Year:  1910

Publisher: Ward, Lock and Co.

Pages: 222

Dimensions (to nearest cm): 19 X 13cm

The Art of Modern Conjuring - Anonymous (Ralpho)