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Publisher's description:


At long last, a manuscript that lets you in on the topmost secrets of the world's foremost Dove Manipulators. You will find new and novel ways of doing Dove Magic. The contents include: the Master Secret, the Real Steals, the Supreme Gimmick, Dove in Balloon, Silken Dove, Hypnotizing a Dove, Heads Off, Crystal Dove Bag, Technicolor Doves, Flash Vanish and many others. More than 25 tricks, tips and ideas for performing with live and rubber doves.


Condition: New.


Binding: Booklet

Year: c.1970

Publisher: D. Robbins and Co.

Pages: 32

Dimensions (to nearest cm): 21 X 13cm 

T.V. Dove Classics - Kirk Kirkham

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