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Shall contemporary magic continue on its artless downward spiral or shall we, as magicians, accept and appropriate these gifts which bizarre magick offers us? This, it seems to me, is perhaps the most crucial magical question of our time. How we answer it will determine both the character and quality of magic of the future. - Eugene Burger


Strange Ceremonies is 104 Pages, Hardbound and Fully Illustrated


Chapters and Contents:

Bizarre Magick:
Sawing Women
In Place of History
Images of Magick
Blood and Fear
Bizarre Interests
Miracles or Magic?

The Bizarre Magick of Jay Inglee:
Crystal Clear
Tarot and Pendulum
Strange Wish
Book of Ghosts

Night Thoughts:
Masters of the Bizarre
1. Tony Andruzzi
2. Imam
3. Hiawatha
4. Penn and Teller
5. Max Maven
6. Jeff McBride

What Is Bizarre Magick?

Notes On The Metaphysics of Magic
New Year's Thread


Condition: New


Binding: Hardback

Year: 1999

Publisher: Kaufman and Company

Pages: 104

Dimensions (to nearest cm): 29 X 22cm

Strange Ceremonies - Eugene Burger

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