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Publisher's description:


Randini tells the story of a young Sheffield boy who became a close friend of the great Houdini and helped him create his most iconic escape.


“I’ve just finished Ann Beedham’s ‘Randini The Man Who Helped Houdini’ I can highly recommend it. Ms Beedham has done a remarkable job researching the life of this multifaceted and talented man. A wealth of new research that is well written and profusely illustrated.” -  William Kalush, co-author of ‘The Secret Life of Houdini’, Director of New York’s Conjuring Arts Research Center


“Beedham covers Douglas’s life in engaging detail. The effort involved in tracking down the numerous paintings, drawings and photographs must also be applauded." - Fortean Times


“a splendid job… a valuable and absorbing biography of this talented man.”  - Prof. Edwin A. Dawes, Magic Circle


Condition: New


Binding: Paperback

Year: 2009

Publisher: Ann Beedham

Pages: 236

Dimensions (to nearest cm): 21 X 15cm

Randini, The Man Who Helped Houdini - Ann Beedham (Signed & Unsigned Available)

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