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These are new but please read the condition note below.


Publisher's description:


There's nothing more common, more unsuspected, more inexpensive, than a newspaper! Here's a whole book of tricks to be done with your daily paper - some created especially for this book, some gathered from around the world, and some included for completeness sake.

Contents include Gene Anderson's prize winning routine, "Extra, Extra" - a laugh a minute with a newspaper. It was the sensation of the Colon 1971 show. Also, his very original Torn and Restored Newspaper, the best we've ever seen, and we've seen them all. Fast, direct, clean - just great!

And more: A section by Val Andrews, another by Eric Hawkesworth, one on newspaper with silks and liquids, one on Clippo, resume of the classics and other newspaper miscellany, ideas, tips, gags. Profusely illustrated. Nothing like it in magic. Tremendous value. (New revised edition with new photographs.)


Condition: New, though these have very minor knocks and creases to covers.


Binding: Paperback

Year: 2006

Publisher: Magic Inc.

Pages: 170

Dimensions (to nearest cm): 28 X 22cm

Newspaper Magic (Revised Edition) - Gene Anderson

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