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A masterful treatise in parlor card magic, this remarkable text offers a perfect blend of routines and essays that will teach you how to truly create truly compelling and engaging card effects for the oft-neglected medium-sized parlor audience.


For example, "Eureka" is an artful and intellectual approach to the Any-Card-At-Any-Number plot designed exclusively for a parlor audience. While there have been enough ACAAN routines published to last a lifetime, very few have been designed to effectively operate outside of a close-up setting. "Eureka" has been carefully built from the ground up to suit a salon style performance and you'll want to add it to your set immediately.


"Outstanding", Mansilla's take on the "Out of this World" plot, gets everyone involved and solves the problem of people in the back of a parlor audience feeling neglected or disconnected from your routines.


The appropriately named "Card in Envelope" is a powerful and direct routine that has been meticulously modified to ensure this classic of close-up magic can thrive among a larger audience.

This is just a small sample of the 12 professional routines and three lengthy essays featured in this gorgeous 174-page hardback book. This is a must-read for any card magician looking to expand the potential of their card magic.


Table of Contents:
Preface by Roberto Giobbi
Parlor Card Magic
The Different Forms of Icarus
Card in the Envelope
Two and a Half
On The General Card
Everybody's Card IV
Thanks to Diaconis
What Does Oblivion Look Like?
Karl Germain and the Wineglass Principle
Appearing Cards
Hi Germain
Interview With Helder Guimaraes


Condition: New


Binding: Hardback

Year: 2020

Publisher: Vanishing Inc.

Pages: 174

Dimensions (to nearest cm): 21 X 16cm

Naypes - Roberto Mansilla