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Publisher's description:


Mr. Peel's Posters tells the story of the life and work of John Websdale Peel (1794 - 1859). Printer to the Establishment. Mr. Peel lived and worked in nineteenth century London, where death was commonplace, and life for many was harsh.


From the 1820's Mr. Peel's Printing Office supplied circuses, theatres, and places of entertainment with a wealth of posters and handbills. With their bright words and rich woodcuts Mr. Peel's Posters offered a world of fantasy and dreams.


A far-cry from the nightmare that was London.


Condition: New, though these tend to come from the publishers with minor shelf wear.

Binding: Hardback

Year: 2021

Publisher: Maple Publishers

Pages: 114

Dimensions (to nearest cm): 29 X 22cm

Mr. Peel's Posters - Jonathan Joy

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