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This book is also available as part of the Essential Hoffmann set HERE.


First published in 1876, Modern Magic had a huge impact on the world of conjuring. It was the first book in the English language to move away from simply exposing the secrets of tricks towards truly explaining how to perform them. With in-depth descriptions of card and coin tricks, mechanical apparatus and stage illusions, it became an instant success and spawned a slew of similar books from rival publishers.

Hoffmann, in reality a London lawyer named Angelo Lewis, produced a range of books after Modern Magic, many of which are still used by magicians and people studying magic. None of these had the ambition, broadness of subject matter, or influence of Modern Magic. This book has shaped practically all magic literature produced from the late nineteenth century right through to today.


This is a full facsimile reprint of the 6th edition.


Condition: New


Binding: Paperback

Year:  2020


Pages: 511

Dimensions: 22 X 14cm

Modern Magic - Professor Hoffmann

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