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Publisher's description:


Mnemodexterity is L. De Bevere's work on the Memorized Deck. If you've never utilized a Memorized Deck, let us say that it's quite an amazing piece of a card worker's arsenal. Once you've mastered it, the effects seem absolutely impossible and amazing to your audience.

This very hard-to-find manuscript contains some of De Bevere's work with alphabet cards.


These copies are uncirculated stock from 1979.


N. B. These are in stock with us now, not "special order". 


Condition: New, though with rusted staples.


Binding: Oversize booklet

Year: 1979

Publisher: Supreme Magic

Pages: 6

Dimensions (to nearest cm): 25 X 19cm

Mnemodexterity - L. De Bevere

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