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Publisher's description:


Milo & Roger were one of the greatest comedy magic acts of the twentieth century! Two boys from poor families, Arthur Brandon and Roger Coker, followed a shared passion...bringing magic from mid-west America to some of the worst and most of the best theatres in the world!


Milo & Roger is the story of a semi-charmed life filled with the magic of the stage and the magic of our world. It is a book filled with laughter, humanity, bawdiness and poignance, telling of a fascinating life that wanders bemused from the stages of church basements to carnivals, from minstrel shows to Asian hostess clubs, from medicine pitches to Broadway, and from TV studios to the most prestigious stages in the world!


One of the most entertaining autobiographies ever written-you will have trouble putting this one down.


Condition: New


Binding: Hardback

Year: 1999

Publisher: Hermetic Press

Pages: 432

Dimensions (to nearest cm): 24 X 16cm

Milo and Roger - Arthur Brandon

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