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Publisher's description:


The milk pitcher effect was long a favourite of the author, Hen Fetsch, and in this work he has gathered all his ideas together.  If you have a Vanishing Milk Pitcher, then this book is a must.  It contains over 100 routines, tips, suggestions, gags, presentations and new ideas for the Vanishing Milk Pitcher. The ingenious author has originated clever tricks using the Milk Pitcher, giving this prosaic article the versatility of a thumb tip.  It includes an introduction by Milbourne Christopher and more than forty illustrations by Walt Kaeber. 


The book is divided into three parts. The first part deals with the care and handling of the pitcher and suggestions on other pieces of apparatus to use with it. The second part deals with separate effects, including: Rice- Silks or Beer, Liquid Flowers, Snow Time, Flower Flash, Fire Flowers, The Christmas Tree, Dove Flash, Milk Bag Fun, and more. Part three covers new uses for the pitcher: as a loading device, as a means of exchange, as a trap, as a chemical prop, and more.


Condition: New, original copies from c.1962 with some yellowing and storage wear.


Binding: Booklet

Year: c.1962

Publisher: D. Robbins and Co.

Pages: 34

Dimensions (to nearest cm): 21 X 13cm 

Milk Pitcher Magic - Hen Fetsch

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