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Please note condition below.


Publisher's description:

This book brings the art of sleeving into reality.  It combines Baumann's new approaches to old sleights with many sleights which have never appeared in print, making this treatise on coin magic one every magician should have in their library. 


Fred Baumann, who through Tannen's Stars of Magic series has released his "Metalogic," Magic Spoon Bending, which has already become a classic. This was followed soon after by his "Magician's Dream," an unbelievable coin vanish. This book imparts his many new ideas and routines of all practical magic on coin assemblies, vanishes and productions. Also in this book is just about the best copper-silver transposition ever to appear in print.


Condition: New, though these are original copies from 1981 and are quite tightly bound, so will need some breaking in for comfortable use.


Binding: Paperback

Year:  1981

Publisher: Tannens

Pages: 94

Dimensions (to nearest cm): 23 X 15cm 

Milestone in Coin Magic - Fred C. Baumann

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