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This very scarce set of clipped loose sheets explores a variety of card manipulation tricks where cards are produced. An unusual and detailed text for magicians interested in stage manipulation.


Condition: Fair, binding is overly tight, and these are best read removed from their clip binding and handled with care to keep sheets in order. Sadly this is an issue that affects all copies of this text. Covers have wear and creasing, with one sticker from cover removed (possibly a playing card, judging by the shape of the mark left), remaining sticker wrinkled, binding tape and clip both damaged. Would be a very good candidate for being rebound, possibly with comb binding. 


Binding: Clipped loose sheets

Year: 1977

Publisher: Justin Branch

Pages: 30

Dimensions (to nearest cm): 30 X 22cm

Manipulative Production and Card..., Section 1: Card Productions - Justin Branch

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