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Here are two excellent books for the beginner interested in learning to perform magic and card tricks. Bound together in one convenient volume, both approach the art of conjuring in a business-like manner, grounding the novice in fundamentals and leading him gradually to a surprising mastery of some 80 different tricks involving cards, coins, matches, tumblers, handkerchiefs, rings, and various other articles associated with legerdemain. The art of presenting magic for the spectator’s entertainment is given special emphasis.

Magic Tricks explains impromptu deceptions like Coin Through the Hand, Flying Dime, Down Your Sleeve, and studied mysteries like Counting Chalk, Bill in the Egg, Kling Klang, and Afghan Bands — 35 in all. Card Tricks teaches you to perform Card in the Pocket, Turn Over, Hypnotism, The 13 Principle, Eight Kings, and some 40 others, along with easy methods for false shuffling, palming, the glide, prepared cards, and many similar techniques.

“If you follow the author’s instructions, you will learn how to do tricks entertainingly.” — Linking Ring.

“Mr. Jonson’s books are extremely well done and serve admirably as ‘first books for amateurs.’” — Hugard’s Magic Monthly.

Condition: New


Binding: Paperback

Year: 2017

Publisher: Dover

Pages: 190

Dimensions (to nearest cm): 20 X 13cm

Magic Tricks and Card Tricks - Wilfrid Jonson

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