Limited to 800 copies.


Publisher's description:

Magic is largely a solitary endeavour, but the channels of its tips and tricks had a little-known heyday around a hundred years ago. That golden era circulated secrets in printed matter packed with flamboyant custom lettering, sensational language and mystifying illustrations — largely made by and for its own community, compiled and consumed by dedicated practitioners and hobbyists. Often unregulated and infrequently archived beyond private collections, these magic papers collided with cults of personality, unshakable passion, and a thirst for notoriety. 


The book features a huge assembly of printed material from the collection of Philip David Treece, a magic expert dedicated to preserving a golden era of magic publishing. This collection celebrates journals, periodicals, books and other ephemera created for the magic community between 1890 and 1960. Each book includes a 16-page gloss insert featuring a collection of magical apparatus. 


Condition: New 


Binding: Softback with flaps

Year: 2020

Publisher: CentreCentre

Pages: 144 plus 16 page insert

Dimensions (to nearest cm): 34 X 25cm

Magic Papers - CentreCentre and Philip David Treece