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Publisher's description:


This book was written by a magician for magicians. Jim Ravel knew both fields inside out. Like magic, pickpocketing requires certain skills but there are also secrets that make seemingly impossible steals well within the realm of any performer. Theatrical Pickpocketing contains the applied psychology, step-by-step moves, logical ideas and complete routines necessary to steal watches, wallets, belts, suspenders, cuff-links, neckties and shirts right off a spectator's back. So whether you want to change careers or simply add a couple of screamingly funny moments to your present act, Theatrical Pickpocketing is MUST reading for every working magician or anyone who would like to be.


Condition: New


Binding: Hardback

Year: 2007

Publisher: Mike Caveney's Magic Words

Pages: 137

Dimensions (to nearest cm): 26 X 18cm

Jim Ravel's Theatrical Pickpocketing - Paul Butler

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