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Before the turn of the twentieth century, before the nickelodeon, even before the first cinemas, Georges Méliès began making movies. Directing, editing, producing, designing, and starring in over 500 films between 1896 to 1912, Méliès was also the first cinematic auteur. This is the first study of Méliès's films to appear in English in over twenty years and the only book to interpret his work using the tools of modern film analysis.


Locates the roots of modern narrative cinema in Méliès's work, identifying techniques of editing and mise-en-scene previously thought to have originated with D. W. Griffith.


Condition: New


Binding: Paperback

Year: 2006

Publisher: Manchester University Press

Pages: 165

Dimensions (to nearest cm): 20 X 13cm

Georges Méliès, The Birth of the Auteur - Elizabeth Ezra

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