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Publisher's description:


This material was a feature part of the acclaimed lecture Mr. Burger gave at the sixth Las Vegas Desert Seminar, on three great card locations.


Mr. Burger gives you his handling of some of Matt Schulien's famous effects. He covers six effects, including the now-famous Card Under the Tablecloth. You also get Eugene's in-depth thinking on how he handles the effects. This is so well routined you can do them. This is solid, professional material.


Six chapters include:

The Trick and the Effects

A Memory

Card in the Matchbook

Corner in the Glass

Card Under the Tablecloth

On Imitation


Edited by Phil Willmarth who wrote the original book on Matt Schulman's Magic.

Condition: New, though these have been re-trimmed by us as Magic Methods had not done so and the pages were poorly aligned. Some covers have been printed slightly wonky. 


Binding: Booklet

Year: 2022

Publisher: Magic Methods

Pages: 44

Dimensions (to nearest cm): 21 X 13cm

Eugene Burger on Matt Schulien's Card Discoveries - Phil Willmarth

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