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Publisher's description:

In 2010, Eugene Burger asked Larry Hass to write and oversee two books that would share all of his unpublished material - books that would appear only after his death.


Eugene Burger: From Beyond is the first of these two extraordinary books. It includes:


- Complete details of over 15 parlour, stage, and spirit theatre routines that Eugene had intentionally held back, including his legendary Spirit  Slates and the first-ever complete revelation of his work on the Gypsy Thread.

- Access to 13 video performances of these routines and 2 audio performances.

- Rarely seen photos, essays, interviews, public talks, and scripts.


Eugene Burger: From Beyond is a treasure trove of astonishing secrets from one of the most celebrated magicians of our time.


Condition: New


Binding: Hardback

Year: 2019

Publisher: Theory and Art of Magic Press

Pages: 240

Dimensions (to nearest cm): 28 X 22cm

Eugene Burger: From Beyond - Lawrence Hass and Eugene Burger

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