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This is for Volume Two only, with the box to house both volumes. For Volume Two without the box click here.


The story of London’s iconic magic and joke shop concludes. Exclusive to and limited to just 100 copies.


This final volume on Ellisdons’ history joins the family in 1939 with fresh challenges and new opportunities. The Blitz ravaged Holborn but the company’s golden era was right around the corner. Over the next four decades, Ellisdons was to become a national institution, representing many things to many different people.


To some, it was an exciting Christmas tradition to visit the London store, see some tricks performed and browse the toys. Others only knew Ellisdons from the exciting adverts for magic, jokes and novelties printed in thousands of comics. Then there were the magicians. The 1950s saw big changes in Ellisdons’ London magic department, as it evolved from a counter of pocket money toys to a social hub for professional conjurers. Regulars to the store included Tommy Cooper, Tony Corinda and Alex Elmsley, to name just a few.


Ellisdons’ final 45 years saw many changes, ups and downs, scandals and triumphs. This is their colourful history.


This beautifully produced hardback book has 250 pages, almost double the length of the first volume, and contains 60 pages of full-colour plates illustrating the history of the company and the tricks they produced.


This comes with a custom-made reproduction Ellisdons postal box, hand stitched by a traditional box maker in Sheffield.


EU and other international customers whose countries charge VAT on books should order via Etsy to pay their VAT in advance via this link


Condition: New.


Binding: Hardback

Year: 2022


Pages: 250 (including 60 full-colour plates)

Dimensions: 16.5 X 10.5cm

Ellisdons: The History, Volume Two (with box) - Philip David Treece

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