This is a nearly new set of three of Edwin's final books. Hooper was the founder and force behind the hugely successful Supreme Magic and also created many effective magic tricks. These books merge stories from Hooper's life and the world of Supreme Magic with magic tricks created by the man. A really lovely set of great interest to people interested in the history of magic dealers and children's entertainers. All three volumes are neatly dedicated and signed by Edwin to two of his close friends. The 1990 book that fits alongside this set can be purchased here by clicking this link.


Condition: Very good, very slight signs of wear and slight smell of pipe smoke.


Year: 1989-1991

Publisher: Edwin's Magic Arts

Pages: 916 (in total)

Dimensions (to nearest cm): 27 X 21cm

Edwin's Magic Vol. 1, 2 and Finale - Edwin Hooper (All Signed)