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Publisher's description:


This book contains some fantastic magic from one of Magic's most prolific authors. Having written many books as well as articles in just about every magic publication, Ken de Courcy's work is a must have. This book is packed with great stage and stand-up material. Some of the effects included in this book are: Balloon Prediction, Card in Balloon, Cut and Restored Rope, Sky-Hook Coins, plus much, much more. Everything is explained in detail.


These copies are uncirculated stock from circa 1980.


N. B. These are in stock with us now, not "special order". 


Condition: New, though with rusted staples.


Binding: Oversize booklet

Year: c. 1980

Publisher: Supreme Magic

Pages: 24

Dimensions (to nearest cm): 25 X 20cm

Deceiver's Discourse - Ken de Courcy

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