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Publisher's description:


Dai Vernon'sTribute to Nate Leipzig has over 200 pages on the finest paper, beautifully bound in cloth with a four-colour dust jacket. A real classic for the discerning magical enthusiast. Plus: a newly added biographical chapter by David Goodsell.


A skillful combination of fascinating biographical detail and carefully described magical secrets produce a volume that has a unique place in magical literature. Leipzig was one of the gentlemen of magic, with an endearing, quiet style that captured every audience for which he performed. He performed small tricks, like the Penny Out of a Glass of Beer and large tricks like his Cabaret Card-Stab. These and a multitude of others are described by Lewis Ganson in precise detail as passed on by the one and only Dai Vernon.


Condition: New


Binding: Hardback

Year: 2000

Publisher: L & L Publishing

Pages: 207

Dimensions (to nearest cm): 24 X 16cm

Dai Vernon's Tribute to Nate Leipzig - Lewis Ganson

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