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This set of photographically illustrated books runs through a series of card effects and techniques developed by Cy Endfield. This is a set of first editions put out by Harry Stanley, not the later Supreme editions. Produced for professional magicians it mainly contains card effects with creative sleight of hand.  


Condition: Good, part one has a small area of damage to the top of the spine and some creasing to the front cover, the glue on the spine paper has also come loose though the covers and spine are still attached to the glue on the back cover (this would be an easy repair, though probably not a neccessary one), the other two parts are very good with minor wear and a marking to covers and pages.


Binding: Paperback

Year: 1955-58

Publisher: Harry Stanley

Pages: 178 (in total)

Dimensions: 23 X 16cm

Cy Endfield's Entertaining Card Magic, Parts One, Two and Three - Lewis Ganson

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