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Publisher's description:


Cutting Up Touches is the first book ever written on the history of exhibition pickpocketing.


David Avadon traces this light-fingered entertainment from its murky music hall beginnings to the largest showrooms in the world. He profiles Giovanni and Borra, the architects of stealing on stage. He spotlights Dominique and Ricki Dunn, who made emptying pockets hilarious nightclub entertainment. He explains the stealth and showmanship of a wide array of wallet snatchers. He explores the powerful subliminal emotions touched by each act of pocket thievery. And he shares the fascinating lore surrounding this street crime turned performance art.


Illustrated with photos, playbills and posters, many published here for the first time. Hardbound, 150 pages. David Avadon travels the world as The Fastest Pickpocket in the West. He's been a featured entertainer for corporate events throughout the United States and in Singapore, Japan and Great Britain. He has appeared on national television more that a dozen times to demonstrate his light-fingered skills. On the ABC morning show, he managed to lift a spectator's watch, wallet and necktie in just ninety seconds. Celebrity pockets picked by Avadon include those of Michael Douglas, Pierce Brosnan and Tony Shalhoub. He is a respected technical advisor, choreographing pickpocketing sequences for many films and television shows.


Condition: New


Binding: Hardback

Year: 2007

Publisher: Squash Publishing

Pages: 148

Dimensions (to nearest cm): 19 X 14cm

Cutting up Touches - David Avadon

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