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The Conjuror on the Kwai is the incredibly moving story of Gus Anckorn, a British soldier who was captured by the Japanese and held for over three and a half years. Before the war, Gus was a magician and throughout the war, entertained both fellow soldiers and Japanese guards with his tricks.


Gus had a brilliant sense of humour and a 'tell it as it is' attitude which got him into a number of scrapes with both the Japanese and his own side. He had a remarkable humility to his character and was extremely endearing, both in the book and in person.


Gus experienced terrible ordeals that no one should have to face. He should have been killed on four or five occasions, but remarkably survived due to quick thinking and good luck. Gus also reveals the heartache of leaving his fiancee behind and not knowing if he would ever see her again. This is an incredibly moving book and will surely be considered as one of the classic Far East POW stories.


Gus remained active until he passed away in 2018, aged 99. During his lifetime he held the unique claim of being both the youngest and oldest ever member of the Magic Circle and was also a member of the Masons. Gus appeared on BBC TV when they arranged for him to meet a Japanese POW camp guard on the bridge at Kwai.


Condition: New 


Binding: Paperback

Year: 2016

Publisher: Pen & Sword History

Pages: 253

Dimensions (to nearest cm): 23 X 16cm

Conjuror on the Kwai, The Incredible Life of Fergus Anckorn - Peter Fyans

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