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Publisher's description:


Possibly the most important book on coin magic since David Roth's Expert Coin Magic!

From one of Spain's most famous magicians comes elegant yet surreal mysteries for the very first time in English.

Coins and Other Fables by Luis Piedrahita is far more than a book of coin magic. Through the lens of his masterful routines, one can learn how Piedrahita approaches the construction of magic. Explained within the book is not just the technique, but also the exciting thinking behind it. Luis Piedrahita cleverly creates the most stunning effects possible by combining many methods using sleight of hand, gaffs, and psychology. Coins and Other Fables is the intersection of memorable magic, sleight of hand and inspiring creativity.


Included within the pages of this groundbreaking work are five sleights with coins and ten routines that Piedrahita has worked, rehearsed, and performed in person and on television for millions. The routines and techniques are described in great detail, expertly translated by Noah Levine.

The book is beautifully printed on archival paper especially made to reproduce photographs. The signatures are sewn and there is a ribbon bookmark bound in. It's also bound to open flat for ease in study. The pages are fully varnished throughout with stunning black and white illustrative photography.

About Luis:

In his native Spain, Luis Piedrahita is a household name due to his regular appearances on Spain's most popular television show, El Hormiguero. While his magic is filled with offbeat thinking and creative approaches to classic plots, his skills are not limited to magic. Luis Piedrahita has also found success as a director, scriptwriter, and author. Piedrahita was recently awarded the Academy of Magical Arts Performing Fellowship.

What the experts are saying:

"Luis Piedrahita is one of the most brilliant minds in all of magic today." - Juan Tamariz

"His presentations are charming and original. He has developed new sleights and made improvements on old ones. And for magicians who are aware of the importance of knowing not just how an effect works, but why, the essays on magic theory alone are worth the price of the book." - David Roth


Condition: New

Binding: Hardback

Year: 2017 (1st English Edition)

Publisher: Conjuring Arts Research Center

Pages: 133

Dimensions (to nearest cm): 31 X 23cm

Coins and Other Fables - Luis Piedrahita

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