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Publisher's description:


Volume IV of Mike Caveney’s acclaimed Classic Correspondence series contains 24 more historic letters that Mike has annotated using the seemingly inexhaustible files in Egyptian Hall Museum.


Over the course of four years these letters appeared in Genii magazine, but in book form they have been corrected and amended with additional photographs, posters and other pertinent ephemera. Like each of the previous volumes, the finished book, printed on the highest quality paper in full colour, is a feast for the eyes.


Enjoy letters to and from the likes of Alexander Herrmann, Stan Laurel, T. Nelson Downs, Julius Zancig, Frederick Eugene Powell, Houdini, Virgil, The Great Leon, Charles Carter, The Great Raymond, Dante, Howard Thurston, P.T. Selbit, Faucett Ross, and John Carney.



I love the Classic Correspondence series. I’ve read every letter in the first three books at least twice. Volume 4 does not disappoint. The cast of characters are colourful and inspiring, as always, and once again Caveney astounds us with the depth of his historical knowledge. These books are a treasure. — John Lovick


394 pages printed in full colour on heavy art matte paper, 323 photographs, printed endpapers, three-piece binding with gold foiling.


To buy the other volumes in this set follow this link.


N. B. These are in stock with us now, not "special order".


Condition: New


Binding: Hardback

Year: 2021

Publisher: Mike Caveney's Magic Words

Pages: 394

Dimensions (to nearest cm): 23 X 16cm

Classic Correspondence from Egyptian Hall Museum Vol. 4 -Mike Caveney

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