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Publisher's description:


Gives you both the classic and the new at your fingertips.


1.  Includes the full text of the seminal “The Expert At The Card Table”, by S.W. Erdnase.


2. Includes Card Mastery, written by Michael MacDougall, featuring new sleights, new methods of culling and stacking, a new bottom steal, and more.  This will interest all card men, magicians and demonstrators.  Has methods and stunts for use in Gambling Expose acts, including the “Seven Hands Of Satan” poker deal.  


Condition: New


Binding: Paperback

Year: 1990s

Publisher: D. Robbins and Co.

Pages: 286

Dimensions (to nearest cm): 18 X 13cm 

Card Mastery and The Expert at the Card Table - Michael MacDougall and Erdnase

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