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Simon's collected early works, compiled in one volume. Contains the complete texts of his first three books, The Card Ideas of Simon Aronson (1978), A Stack to Remember (1979) and Shuffle-bored (1980). Includes Red See Passover, Simon's Favorite Card Trick, Mis-mate, Simon's underground treatise on the memorized deck principles (that started the current wave of memorized miracles), an entire chapter on subtle uses of the advertising card, Under Cover Four Play, Ad-Jacent, and the original presentation of the Aronson stack (with three different poker deals, a perfect bridge hand, spelling combinations, a blackjack deal, and more). Shuffle-bored presents Simon's self-working, totally hands-off card miracle: without any questions, outs, gaffs, ambiguities or moves - and without ever touching the cards - the performer announces exactly how many cards are face up, in a spectator freely shuffled deck! plus additional effects published in Kabbala and Hierophant.


Condition: Very good, dust jacket has some wear, marks and creases to flaps, corners of boards have some wear and knocks. 


Binding: Hardback

Year: 1994

Publisher: Simon Aronson

Pages: 179

Dimensions (to nearest cm): 29 X 22cm

Bound to Please, Collected Early Works of Simon Aronson - Simon Aronson

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